Emergency Couple One EXTRA Episode Coming!!

Emergency Couple One EXTRA Episode Coming!!

Emergency couple one extra episode is coming!

tvN drama ‘Emergency Couple‘, starring Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo, has received a 1 episode extension!

SEE ALSO: 6 Things that make Emergency Couple 완전대박!!

Viewers of the show are sure to be delighted at the news – who could complain about seeing more of the handsome Choi Jin Hyuk and the lovable Song Ji Hyo? We’ll be seeing more of their story play out thanks to the extension that will…

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The Top Korean Noodles By Far!

The Top Korean Noodles By Far!

Shin ramyon korean noodles

I’m sure you’ve tried some korean noodles, and you know their taste is like nothing you can find of western creations. If you are one of those few who haven’t tried korean noodles, you are among the ones missing out big time! Let’s look at the Top Korean Noodles!

First of all, you need to understand that I am totally into noodles, I just love it! I travel to Korea for the sake of eating korean…

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Emergency Couple Episode 13 Review

Emergency Couple Episode 13 Review


There seems to be an unwritten law that every good drama has to have a love triangle to make things harder for the male lead. Emergency Couple is no exception. This is more like a polygon, though: one of the ER nurses (her name escapes me) has a crush on Chang Min; Yong Gyu has a crush on Ah Reum; Ah Reum likes Chang Min and finds him intriguing; Chang Min likes Jin Hee; Jin Hee likes Dr. Guk. …

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Emergency Couple Episode 14 Review

Emergency Couple Episode 14 Review


It’s White Day on Emergency Couple, a day when men pay women back for Valentine’s Day. Briefly, on Valentine’s Day women get the men sweets. On White Day, it’s the other way around. Sang Hyuk has bought Young Ae some candy for White Day. Even Yong Gyu gets into the spirit, and purchases a large basket of goodies for Ah Reum. I’ve kinda wondered about the Valentine’s Day thing for awhile. If you…

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Emergency Couple Episode 15 Review


We open with Chang Min singing that tender song to Jin Hee. At least the song is subbed this time, though I’m still not sure why it brought a tear to Jin Hee’s eye. Hardly the reaction of someone who just last episode said she “detested” him. Well, whatever; the party breaks up after that and everything goes south in this episode.

Chang Min takes Yong Gyu home as he’s really drunk and Yong Gyu…

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6 Things that make Emergency Couple 완전대박!! (Absolutely Fantastic!!)

6 Things that make Emergency Couple 완전대박!! (Absolutely Fantastic!!)

Emergency Couple is chugging right along and is one of the top dramas on TV right now. If you are watching, you should get a kick out of this. If you aren’t…well…why the heck not? So, without further adieu, the reasons why I think the drama is daebak is listed below (in no particular order):


The sound effects themselves almost seem like they were ripped straight…

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Kim Woo Bin continued to bring the heat of his fan meeting to Taiwan, following Hong Kong. Holding… http://wp.me/s3XH8w-837

Kim Woo Bin continued to bring the heat of his fan meeting to Taiwan, following Hong Kong.

Holding his first fan meeting in the country on March 15 and 16, Kim Woo Bin gathered over 3,000 fans over the two-day event.

Hosted by Taiwanese MC Ken, the actor spent about three hours with his fans, sharing stories about his projects so far and showing more personal sides of himself.

Kim Woo Bin…

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[ Photo] Lee Min Ho Takes Off for China Expo

Lee Min Ho steps out in ripped jeans and a casual knit

Actor and current face of LG Electronics China Lee Min Ho, took off for China on March 17 via Incheon International Airport to attend the AWE 2014 China Home Appliances Expo.

Photo credit: Newsen/Lee Han Hyung

Lee Min Ho arrives on the scene bright and early

Actor and current face of LG Electronics China Lee Min Ho, took off for China on…

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2NE1 Successfully Holds First Fan Signing in Three Years

Greeting fans eye to eye for the first time in three years, 2NE1 held a successful fan signing that left a lot of fans happy.

On March 15, 2NE1 held its fan signing for its second album, Crush at Time Square Mall, beginning at 8PM (KST).

The fan signing allowed 110 people to actually meet the 2NE1 members and receive autographs from them, but in addition to the 110, large crowds surrounded the…

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